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Spaniel with a bowl of dog food
Monday, 27 June, 2022

Book Review - Just Fodder: The Ethics of Feeding Animals

A review by Researcher Network member, Gelareh Salehi of Dr Josh Milburn's book Just Fodder: The Ethics of Feeding...(Read More)

Mother and daughter meal prepping
Monday, 13 June, 2022

How Do I Positively Engage My Non-Vegan Family?

RAC member, Dr Corey Wrenn, analyses veganism within family dynamics and provides some advice on how to...(Read More)

two piglets playing in a grassy field
Wednesday, 8 June, 2022

Knowing Animals Podcast by Dr Josh Milburn- The Monstrous Vegan with Emelia Quinn

On this episode of Knowing Animals, host Dr Josh Milburn speaks to Dr Emelia Quinn...(Read More)

Vegan Diets for Business and Economy image
Wednesday, 1 June, 2022

Opinion - Vegan Diets, Work Performance and Public Health

Researcher Network member, Jana Krizanova, explores the effects of a vegan diet on workplace productivity and the...(Read More)

two sheep with faces pressed together in the sun
Wednesday, 18 May, 2022

Animal-Beings/Animal-Things: The Problems of Binary Thinking in Animal Activism

RAC member, Dr Catherine Oliver, discusses animal binaries and speciesism in this adaptation of...(Read More)

Thursday, 12 May, 2022

Veganism in the Irish Court of Appeal in 1898: is this our oldest case?

Dr Maureen O'Sullivan shares the details of Re Cranston, Webb and Oldfield: could this 1898 case be the first...(Read More)

Lady justice statue behind Irish flag
Thursday, 12 May, 2022

Digesting Veganism in the Irish Courts

In the second of a series of blogs on veganism in...(Read More)

Photograph of vegetables in baskets
Tuesday, 3 May, 2022

Opinion - The top science papers of 2021 supporting plant-based nutrition

RAC member Dr Shireen Kassam rates her top science papers supporting plant-based nutrition of 2020

 (Read More)

An image of a "Warning Toxic" sign
Monday, 11 April, 2022

Gender, toxic masculinity and veganism

Research Network member, Emma Hautval, analyses the intersections between veganism and gender.(Read More)

A CV laid out on a desk with a pen on it.
Monday, 28 March, 2022

Veganism and Animal Rights Activism Employment Screening

RAC member, Dr Jeanette Rowley, reveals the potential discrimination faced by vegans at pre-employment screenings.(Read More)

Close-up photograph of an eye.
Monday, 21 March, 2022

Bearing Witness at the Slaughterhouse Gates

Content warning: descriptions of non-human animal suffering. In this shortened version of his chapter in Vegan Geographies: Spaces Beyond Violence,...(Read More)

Photograph of a happy looking pig from an animal sanctuary
Wednesday, 16 March, 2022

Animal Cruelty Messages Are Persuasive - If We Can Overcome Avoidance

In this article, RAC member Chris Bryant analyses vegan advocacy messaging and considers the issue of avoidance, presenting suggestions...(Read More)

Thursday, 3 March, 2022

Opinion: The Animal Sentience Bill and Animal Nationalism in Post-Brexit Britain

In this opinion piece, Dr Corey Wrenn addresses new legislation in post-Brexit Britain on non-human animal welfare.(Read More)

Vegan Geographies book launch
Tuesday, 1 March, 2022

Vegan Geographies Book Launch

A new book on vegan geographies edited by RAC member Richard White has now been published. The book features...(Read More)


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