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If you're looking for more healthy vegan recipes alongside nutritional information, read our dietary guide on vegan babies, children and teenagers.

Baby muesli

Muesli for baby breakfasts.


Bean stew

Try this for a protein punch!


Chocolate birthday cake

Make all the children happy at the party with this cracker of a chocolate cake.

...(Read more)

Fruit tofu dessert

Little ones will love the sweetness from the fruit and the creaminess makes it really easy for them to...(Read more)

Lentil stew

The lentils in this recipe provide loads of iron for growing bodies, while the vitamin C from the tomato...(Read more)

Minestrone soup

If you make this soup nice and thick it'll be easier for little people to manage.

...(Read more)

Plain fruit jelly

This is a great one for your kids to bring along to any birthday parties they get invited to....(Read more)

Plain sponge birthday cake

We all love a little bit of cake now and then...why not get older kids to help out with...(Read more)

Quick rusks

Babies just love chewing on these - especially when they're teething!


A thick slice from a loaf of wholemeal...(Read more)

Vegetable puree

Don't limit yourself to only the vegetables listed here.


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