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Continue to enjoy cakes and comfort food, curries and healthy meals - and all your favourite dishes - the vegan-friendly way. Find more ideas and support our work with recipe books in our shop. Try Cooking Vegan by dietitian Vesanto Melina and chef Joseph Forest for full, nutritionally analysed recipes for people of all ages.  

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Please note all the recipes in this section are copyrighted by their authors. There are very few recipes that The Vegan Society owns itself, but we have been lucky to receive permissions of some authors to share their recipes.

If you're a journalist and would like to use some of the recipes below in your publication, please email media[at]vegansociety[dot]com with links to the recipe(s) you'd like to use, and we'll check that we have permission to share them. If not, we will be able to offer an alternative and provide you with high resolution images. 

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A filled flatbread served on a wooden board, with a small bowl of soya yoghurt dressing, and a bowl of rice served on the right hand side.

Baked katlama

Dried soya mince is a budget-friendly protein-packed option(Read more)

Stuffed cabbage parcels in a tomato and chilli sauce served on a round plate.

Baked stuffed cabbage parcels with tomato and chilli

Packed with veg to help you soar past your 5-a-day(Read more)

A deep baking dish filled with broccoli, peppers, sweetcorn, pak choi, spring onions and edamame beans with the lid resting on the side.

Baked Thai-spiced vegetables

This recipe is so simple – mix, bake and enjoy(Read more)

A square dish filled with roasted new potatoes and asparagus.

Balsamic roasted new potatoes with asparagus

A flavourful side dish featuring seasonal asparagus and new potatoes. Salty potatoes paired with the subtle sweetness from the...(Read more)

A jar filled with banana and berries smoothly topped with berries and mint leaf.

Banana berry smoothie

A salmon and cream cheese bagel generates 1.5 times more CO2e than a banana berry smoothie made with plant...(Read more)

A loaf of banana bread topped with banana slices served on a wooden board.

Banana bread

Life is better when you're sharing nourishing, delicious food with loved ones. That's why this recipe makes two loaves—there's...(Read more)

Four banana donuts topped with caramel and walnuts, served on a wooden board

Banana bread donuts

An indulgent treat courtesy of Harriet Emily. Makes 9 donuts.(Read more)

Banana cake on a wooden board.

Banana chocolate cake

If you have some over-ripe bananas hanging about, there can be few better ways to use them than this!...(Read more)

banana ice cream in a clear tray

Banana ice cream

This amazingly simple recipe manages to be both delicious and good for you. Careful you don't strain your food...(Read more)

A glass bowl filled with ice cream and fruit, topped with heart shaped biscuits.  Image by silviarita from Pixabay.

Banana ice cream

Gorgeous banana ice cream you can make without an ice cream maker. Just don't burn out your food processor!...(Read more)

banana pancakes with fruit

Banana pancakes

This easy recipe is a great way to use up overly ripe bananas.(Read more)

A stack of banana pancakes topped with blackberries, served on a circular plate.

Banana pancakes

A full English breakfast generates 16.4 times more CO2e than banana pancakes(Read more)

Vegan BBQ meatloaf topped with halfed cherrie tomatoes and served in a shallow square dish.

BBQ 'Meat' Loaf

Serves 6, cooks in 90 mins, difficulty 5/10.(Read more)

lentils in a bowl

Bean stew

Try this for a protein punch!(Read more)

Beans, Greens and Plantain Stack

Beans, Greens & Plantain Stack

Serves 2

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 2 hours

This simple, yet...(Read more)

Beet Bourguignon with veg and mash in bowls

Beet Bourguignon nut roast

For something special try this delicious beet recipe!(Read more)

Beetroot & pumpkin lentil rainbow falafel

Beetroot & pumpkin lentil rainbow falafel

These falafel balls are a perfect blend of crunchy and tender and work great in a piece of pitta...(Read more)

A bowl of beetroot soup.

Beetroot soup

Coconut milk makes this soup deliciously smooth, while chilli flakes and cumin deliver a spicy kick.(Read more)

A beetroot stake served with stem broccoli, flat mushrooms and a soya cream sauce on a round plate.

Beetroot steak with Bearnaise-style sauce

Rich and earthy, roast beetroot is a real treat(Read more)

A selection of berry muffins topped with berry icing and strawberries.

Berry muffins

These vegan berry muffins are simply divine! They are sweet and full of fresh berries.(Read more)


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