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Continue to enjoy cakes and comfort food, curries and healthy meals - and all your favourite dishes - the vegan-friendly way. Find more ideas and support our work with recipe books in our shop. Try Cooking Vegan by dietitian Vesanto Melina and chef Joseph Forest for full, nutritionally analysed recipes for people of all ages.  

Don't forget to head over to our blog where we often feature recipe bloggers. Featured articles include how to throw an impressive dinner party for non-vegans and more.

We also have a helpful list of sandwich and wrap filling ideas

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Please note all the recipes in this section are copyrighted by their authors. There are very few recipes that The Vegan Society owns itself, but we have been lucky to receive permissions of some authors to share their recipes.

If you're a journalist and would like to use some of the recipes below in your publication, please email media[at]vegansociety[dot]com with links to the recipe(s) you'd like to use, and we'll check that we have permission to share them. If not, we will be able to offer an alternative and provide you with high resolution images. 

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To submit a recipe for publishing on our website go to our recipe submission form, all recipes are subject to review before being published. 

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A bunch of carrots

Carrot and almond spread

There's more to life than hummus! Try this on some crackers or dip some veggie sticks for a tasty...(Read more)

Vegan carrot and courgette cannelloni in a white oval oven dish on a wooden board against a grey background

Carrot and courgette cannelloni

Because we love alliteration. Actually no, it’s because it tastes great(Read more)

Flour, cinnamon and walnuts in a mixing bowl next to a bowl of grated carrots.

Carrot cake

The irresistable carrot cake recipe.(Read more)

A bowl of baked oats against a colourful striped background

Cashew, pear and chocolate baked oats by Fearne Cotton

This is a great winter warmer for cosy weekends when you have a little more time, 

or...(Read more)

A platter of cauliflower buffalo wings served with a vegan ranch sauce.

Cauliflower buffalo wings

These delicious wings taste naughty but are actually healthy, since they’re baked. The spices are gorgeously deep and the...(Read more)

A cauliflower head resting against a steel saucepan with a tea-towel and wooden spoon draped over the top.

Cauliflower cheese soup

For an easy way to sneak more cruciferous veg into your diet, try this gorgeous soup. (Read more)

image of cauliflower on a chopping board

Cauliflower mac 'n' cheeze

Great for kids and adults alike.(Read more)

Vegan cauliflower steaks with chimichurri peas on a white plate against a grey background

Cauliflower steaks with chimichurri peas

This dish makes a beautiful centrepiece for any occasion(Read more)

Vegan cauliflower sumac salad with pomegranate seeds, walnuts and red peppers served in a bowl

Cauliflower sumac salad

If you haven’t tried sumac before, you are in for a treat! It gives a sour note and a...(Read more)

Vegan cauliflower vegetable and bean chili served in a bowl with mini tortilla

Cauliflower vegetable bean chili

An easy slow cooked all in one pot recipe, delicious to eat any time of day!(Read more)

Vegan celebration fruit cake served on a glass cake stand

Celebration fruit crown

A beautiful dessert, made to make an impact!(Read more)

Vegan spicy black bean rice served in a bowl

Chef Day Radley's spicy one pot black bean rice

This one-pot rice dish not only saves you washing up time, but can be easily adapted to use ingredients...(Read more)

image of cherries on a plate

Cherry and almond cake

A vegan version of an absolute cake classic - your granny will love it!(Read more)

Close up of cherries

Cherry basil crumble bars

This recipe is from The Great Vegan Bean Book.  It’s the beans that allow the crust to be oil-free,...(Read more)

Chestnuts on a wooden table.  Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

Chestnut and mushroom pie

Forget the traditional steak pie, this gorgeous chestnut and mushroom pie is ideal for your New Year's Day dinner....(Read more)

Chickpea & pumpkin burger served with red onions, green leaf and vegan mayonnaise in a bun

Chickpea & pumpkin burger

This burger is significantly healthier than supermarket alternatives and is a lot easier to make than you'd think!...(Read more)

Chickpea and cauliflower curry

Chickpea and Cauliflower Curry

For 8 serving(s).

Chickpea and Cauliflower CurryIngredients

Chickpea and coriander patties on a dark slate background with shredded vegetables

Chickpea and coriander patties

Serve with a salad or stick them in a wrap – these patties are protein-packed and versatile(Read more)

image of dried chickpeas in a bowl against a cloth

Chickpea and mushroom curry

This cracking recipe is on a mission to prove that fast food doesn't have to be unhealthy. With an...(Read more)

Chickpea and onion omelette

Chickpea and onion omelette

A salmon and cream cheese bagel generates 3.5 times more CO2e than a vegan omelette(Read more)


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