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Continue to enjoy cakes and comfort food, curries and healthy meals - and all your favourite dishes - the vegan-friendly way. Find more ideas and support our work with recipe books in our shop. Try Cooking Vegan by dietitian Vesanto Melina and chef Joseph Forest for full, nutritionally analysed recipes for people of all ages.  

Don't forget to head over to our blog where we often feature recipe bloggers. Featured articles include how to throw an impressive dinner party for non-vegans and more.

We also have a helpful list of sandwich and wrap filling ideas

Publishing recipes in newspapers and magazines

Please note all the recipes in this section are copyrighted by their authors. There are very few recipes that The Vegan Society owns itself, but we have been lucky to receive permissions of some authors to share their recipes.

If you're a journalist and would like to use some of the recipes below in your publication, please email media[at]vegansociety[dot]com with links to the recipe(s) you'd like to use, and we'll check that we have permission to share them. If not, we will be able to offer an alternative and provide you with high resolution images. 

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To submit a recipe for publishing on our website go to our recipe submission form, all recipes are subject to review before being published. 

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Chocolate cake on a stand

German chocolate cake

A good excuse for some Kaffee und Kuchen.



Giant tortilla chips with rainbow dips

The perfect appetizer for a World Vegan Month celebration!


For the chips:
...(Read more)

Gin and Ginger Cocktail


  • 2 measures of pink gin (1 measure = 25ml / 0.8 US fl oz)
  • ...(Read more)
ginger out of a tin

Ginger snap basket dessert

These are brilliant if you're entertaining because the baskets can be made in advance, giving you more time to...(Read more)

Glazed tempeh, bok choi and soba noodles

Glazed tempeh, bok choi and soba noodles

You can substitute the tempeh for tofu or seitan if you prefer.(Read more)

jars of spices


The perfect accompaniment to your nut roast. Also great with mashed potatoes, mock turkey, pie....the possibilities are endless....(Read more)

Greek salad

Close your eyes as you eat this fresh and salty salad and picture yourself sitting on a Sun-drenched Greek...(Read more)

green tea hazelnut ice cream

Green tea and hazelnut ice cream

For something a little different why not give this green tea and hazelnut ice cream a try? Don't worry...(Read more)

GreenVie Cheese Potato Croquettes

Makes 5 croquettes.

Close up of vegan cheesy potato croquettesIngredients

Croquette...(Read more)

Grilled hispi cabbage with celeriac mash and ancho relish

Grilled hispi cabbage with celeriac mash and ancho relish

Carbon emissions: 1.35kg per serving

Recipe by Thomasina...(Read more)

Grilled pumpkin and black bean burger

An easy to make burger bursting with flavour.(Read more)

Grilled ratatouille pasta

Grilled ratatouille pasta

Steak and chips generates 5.4 times more CO2e than grilled ratatouille pasta(Read more)

Oats and nuts


Serve with neeps and tatties and celebrate Burns' night in style. Don't forget a wee dram too...

...(Read more)

BOSH hearty halloumi salad

Hearty halloumi salad

If you ask us, salads should have big, punchy flavours and a robust, satisfying bite; they should please your...(Read more)

Hearty white bean and kale stew

Hearty white bean and kale stew

Carbon emissions: 0.84kg per serving

By ...(Read more)

Heart’s Desire Tart

You will need a heart-shaped tin with a loose base. Tin sizes vary but this is a dessert for...(Read more)


Hector's haggis boats

For something a little more exotic than the traditional haggis, neeps and tatties combo, try these courgette sailing ships...(Read more)

Herbed quinoa salad

If you've never cooked with quinoa, don't be scared, it's actually really easy to prepare. This is a great...(Read more)

Herby pea soup

Herby pea soup

Carbon emissions: 0.56kg per serving

By ...(Read more)


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