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Are you looking for amazingly moist cakes, the secret to fluffy mousse or how to make egg-free meringues? If so, as well as flicking through the great recipes below, you might also want to experiment with the magical ingredient aquafaba. Roughly 3tbsp of aquafaba replaces one egg in baking. Read our blog on all you need to know about vegan baking for more tips like these.

Gluten-free cakes? Check these out.

Apple caramel cheesecake (raw)

Great for those opting to make healthier cheesecakes.(Read more)

Banana bread

Life is better when you're sharing nourishing, delicious food with loved ones. That's why this recipe makes two loaves—there's...(Read more)

Berry muffins

These vegan berry muffins are simply divine! They are sweet and full of fresh berries.(Read more)

Celebration fruit crown

A beautiful dessert, made to make an impact! Serves 6-8.


For the cake:
...(Read more)

Chocolate banana bread

This recipe is a delicious alternative to a classic banana bread, using cocoa and coconut to give it extra...(Read more)

Crispy Gooey Vegan Choc Chip Cookies

Everyone loves a big fat bakery cookie. These are even better cause Sara added a secret ingredient that gives it...(Read more)

Dark chocolate brownies by Chef Day Radley

These brownies make for a cheap yet decadent dessert, using only a few ingredients, for the fudgiest result!...(Read more)

Enchanted vanilla pancakes

Pancakes are an easy breakfast treat. These are enchanted with the nutritional power of beans and full of whole-grain...(Read more)

Fudgy brownies (raw)

These vegan brownies are raw and completely delicious! They're easy to make and easy to eat, so what are...(Read more)

Ice cream with strawberry drizzle

Vegan nicecream is cool, creamy and easily satisfies a sweet tooth.(Read more)

Mini no-bake raspberry cheesecakes

These irresistible no-bake mini cheesecakes make a gorgeous vegan-friendly dessert, just the job for sharing with friends on a...(Read more)

Lamingtons with raspberry chia jam

Lamingtons make for such a satisfying snack. Between the soft sponge, the rich chocolate and the chewy coconut, it...(Read more)

Lemon cake

Even if it's a bit chilly outside, you enjoy the perfect scent of summer as you grate the lemon...(Read more)

Passionfruit and Mango Cheesecake

Bored with fruit salads? These little verrines will be ideal for picnics and barbecues. The fresh tang of passion...(Read more)

Raspberry chocolate cake

Pure decadence!

Serves 12



Trifle is easy, but takes at least a day to make as you need to wait for each layer...(Read more)

Vanilla sponge cake

Nothing figuratively 'vanilla' about this real vanilla vegan treat!

...(Read more)

Walnut cinnamon cookies

Delightfully powerful cinnamon and crispy walnuts - what a perfect combination!(Read more)

Vegan Popcorn Caramel Cookies

These taste like you’re eating a Twix bar only better cause POPCORN. They literally melt in your mouth...(Read more)

Ann's blooming lovely chocolate orange cheesecake

The title says it all - a lovely surprise for those who thought they had waved goodbye to cheesecake for...(Read more)

Apple rolypoly

Don't be put off if you're not a big fan of apples, try substituting with another fruit such as...(Read more)

Banana chocolate cake

If you have some over-ripe bananas hanging about, there can be few better ways to use them than this!...(Read more)

Banana ice cream

This amazingly simple recipe manages to be both delicious and good for you. Careful you don't strain your food...(Read more)

Black forest cherry cake

If you're entertaining and need an absolute show-stopper of a dessert, you'll not go far wrong with this one....(Read more)

Chocolate brownies

If you're still trying to figure out how you can possibly make gooey choccy brownies without eggs, this recipe...(Read more)

Vegan butter icing

The ideal filling or frosting for any sponge cake. Just try not to eat it all before it makes...(Read more)

Green tea and hazelnut ice cream

For something a little different why not give this green tea and hazelnut ice cream a try? Don't worry...(Read more)

Carrot cake

The irresistable carrot cake recipe.



Cherry and almond cake

A vegan version of an absolute cake classic - your granny will love it!

...(Read more)

Chocolate banana custard cake

Everything you loved about school dinners mixed into one cake - genius!

Serves 8

...(Read more)

Chocolate cake

No birthday party would be complete without a chocolate cake, right? Relax, we have you covered.

...(Read more)

Chocolate celebration cake

A grown-up chocolate cake; this one is definitely adults only!


...(Read more)

Chocolate health fudge

Admittedly, desserts and health don't usually go hand-in-hand, but don't forget just how yummy healthy food can be. With...(Read more)

Chocolate sponge cake

Every cook needs a basic chocolate cake recipe. Once you've mastered this one, have fun playing about with different...(Read more)

Crème de menthe brownies

Mint chocolate - one of the finest flavour combos in the world, neatly wrapped up in a brownie. Lock...(Read more)

Fruit cake

A classic fruit cake recipe - perfection guaranteed every time.


Fruity marmalade cake

A beautifully tangy cake, perfect with a cup of tea. It's time to put your feet up...

...(Read more)

German chocolate cake

A good excuse for some Kaffee und Kuchen.



Lemony vanilla cupcakes (with wheat)

For gluten-free folks, there's an alternative recipe for these in the Gluten-free section. Hurrah, cupcakes for all!...(Read more)

Mango cake

This sneaky cake looks like a plain old sponge cake until you bite into it and discover the tropcial...(Read more)


With the magical discovery of aquafaba, vegan meringues that taste just like the real thing are everywhere. Enjoy...(Read more)

Mocha chocolate cake

Look up 'decadence' in the dictionary and it's quite likely you'll find a picture of this cake (well, probably...(Read more)

Nanaimo bars

Fun fact: Nanaimo bars originated in Nanaimo, Canada, hence the name. Another fun fact: these bars don't need baking...(Read more)

Oaty banana cake

If you're keen to avoid processed sugar but just can't live without cake, this is a great recipe to...(Read more)

Pineapple upside-down cake

How retro is this? No vintage themed party or fair would be complete without one of these as a...(Read more)

Spiced apple cake

Delicious and warming, this dessert is great straight from the oven with vegan custard, cream or ice cream. ...(Read more)

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