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Remember, you can also find some great main meal suggestions in 'Quick and easy', 'On a budget' and 'Special occasions'. Many of the recipes found in 'Starters, snacks and sides' can be made into mains, too.

Aubergine and chickpea penne

The harissa/chilli sauce gives this recipe just enough heat - gorgeous! Serves 4.

Ingredients ...(Read more)

Aubergine tagine with black olives and preserved lemon

An amazing dish, full of different flavours.(Read more)

Glazed tempeh, bok choi and soba noodles

You can substitute the tempeh for tofu or seitan if you prefer.(Read more)

Grilled pumpkin and black bean burger

An easy to make burger bursting with flavour.(Read more)

Mexican bean rice

Get all the protein with this delicious Mexican rice.(Read more)

Pasta with creamy mushroom sauce

The Vegan Corner shares this delicious Italian meal with us.(Read more)

Pesto and avocado pizza

This recipe is easy, simple and quick to make and full of delicious flavour!(Read more)

Red onion tart

Tuck into this tart.(Read more)

Sichuan mixed vegetables

If you've ever considered veggies boring, this dish is sure to convince you otherwise. Serves 4.

Ingredients ...(Read more)

Sweet and sour aubergines

Succulent and savoury.(Read more)

African stew

You can't open a newspaper these days without reading about the wonders of kale - if you're not a...(Read more)

'Cheese' and spinach pie

There are so many brands of vegan cheese on the market now, all with very distinct flavours and textures....(Read more)

Chickpea tagine

If you're not a big fan of dried apricots you could always substitute raisins or even dates. Whichever you...(Read more)

Cornish pasties

If you thought becoming vegan meant giving up all your favourite foods and living off salads, this recipe alone...(Read more)

Hungarian stew and potato dumplings

If you’re after something hearty and filling, look no further.


...(Read more)

Leek and mushroom pasta

Ideal for a quick, family supper - even the kids will love this one. Serves 4.

...(Read more)

Millet and tofu cakes

Everyone - vegan and non-vegan alike - becomes tired of the same old pasta and rice dishes that we...(Read more)

Millet and vegetable risotto

You'll notice this recipe calls for pesto. You can find ready-made vegan versions in the free-from aisle of many...(Read more)


Full of nutty goodness, this is a much healthier - and kinder - version of a Greek classic. Enjoy!...(Read more)

Plantain and spinach curry

Sometimes you just can't beat a good curry. Instead of shelling out cash for a greasy take-away, why not...(Read more)

Seitan (wheat meat)

Seitan is a labour of love which promises to deliver the wheaty meaty goods. It's known as a "mock-meat" and...(Read more)

Shepherd's pie

No sheep will be harmed in the making of this pie.


Spinach quiche

Ah, quiche - another one of those dishes you thought were firmly off the menu now that you're vegan....(Read more)

Stuffed baked courgettes with cashews and wild rice

This is a great dinner party option. Not only will it impress your friends, but if you have this...(Read more)

Thai sweet potato bean stew

Beans and sweet potatoes are bathed in rich coconut milk with a little heat from the jalapeno. The best...(Read more)

Vegetable pasties

Pasties, including vegetable ones, have appeared in cookbooks since the 1300s.


Vegetable stock

Because no recipe section would be complete without this kitchen staple. Stock is a great way to use up vegetables...(Read more)

Mexican chilaquiles with guacamole 

The Vegan Society's Head of Campaigns and Policy, Louise Davies, offers her twist on a classic Mexican breakfast.(Read more)

Vegan katsu curry

Katsu curry is a mildly spicy Japanese dish. This vegan twist uses chicken style seitan.(Read more)

Crispy Chow Mein by Jack Monroe

Chow mein is one of my favourite dinners to knock up in a hurry – and an excellent receptacle...(Read more)

Jack Monroe's Nasu Dengaku Buns

Nasu dengaku is one of my favourite dishes to cook at home – simple, sweet, tangy and delicious, while...(Read more)

Mr Organic Peanut Curry

Simple, aromatic, clean-out the fridge curry. You can use any of your left over veggies from your fridge and...(Read more)

Mr Organic Creamy Tomato Spaghetti

Perfect recipe to bring something quick and flavoursome to the table and use up any open bottle of passata...(Read more)

Mr Organic Vegan Jambalaya

This one pot rice dish is full of flavours and definitely easier to make than saying it’s name. Using...(Read more)

Overnight oats by Chef Day Radley

Overnight Oats is a great recipe to make the night before, as it’s a healthy breakfast to just grab...(Read more)

Chef Day Radley's spicy one pot black bean rice

This one-pot rice dish not only saves you washing up time, but can be easily adapted to use ingredients...(Read more)

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