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Love U Katsu

For the katsu curry sauce:


Heart’s Desire Tart

You will need a heart-shaped tin with a loose base. Tin sizes vary but this is a dessert for...(Read more)

Gin and Ginger Cocktail


  • 2 measures of pink gin (1 measure = 25ml / 0.8 US fl oz)
  • ...(Read more)

Valentine's Day strawberry cupcakes

These cupcakes are perfect for Valentine's Day, and make 12: plenty for all! Edible red cherry dust can be...(Read more)

Easter nest mango cheesecake

Easter is often too filled with non-vegan food, so get this cute cheesecake into your life.(Read more)

Easy nut roast

There are many vegan options for Christmas dinner, but you can't go far wrong with the classic nut roast...(Read more)

Mushroom and leek pie

Creamy mushrooms and leeks encased in a crispy, golden pie crust. Delicious, filling and a great choice to serve...(Read more)

Yorkshire pudding (popovers)

How to make amazing Yorkshire puddings!(Read more)

Beetroot soup

Coconut milk makes this soup deliciously smooth, while chilli flakes and cumin deliver a spicy kick.

...(Read more)

Red Cabbage and Orange Salad with Date and Olive Cigars

Try this starter for something a little more special this festive season.(Read more)

Squash and beetroot with cranberry and walnut on a herby watercress salad

This dish can be prepared the day before. Just store the different vegetables separately in the fridge. Take them...(Read more)

Smoky Beetroot Tart, Tiny Roasties, Sage & Onion Kale, Blackberry Sauce

This dish was made to be the star of the dinner table.(Read more)

Sweet potato, sage and onion tart

An attractive, colourful centerpiece that goes with ‘all the trimmings’. Makes 1 large tart, serves 6-8.


For the crust

Chocolate and miso mousse with sesame brittle

With its subtler flavour white miso lends itself to the richness of chocolate. Serves 4.

...(Read more)

Christmas pudding

This is a very flexible recipe - the type of dried fruit is up to you as long as...(Read more)

Christmas pudding ice cream

Customised vanilla ice cream with traditional Christmas flavours, for a lighter finish to your festive feast. Makes 1 large ‘pudding’.

...(Read more)

Cranberry Cheesecake

A delectable dessert perfect for the festive season.(Read more)

Orange fig panna cotta with cinnamon tuile

Impress your friends with a gelatine free panna cotta this holiday! Ideally this great dessert should be made the...(Read more)


Time to spice up your holidays with a little vegan eggnog. This thick and creamy homemade drink will have...(Read more)

Almond Stuffed Courgettes


Amalfi involtini


  • 1 large aubergine cut into 4mm slices lengthways Aubergine rolls (Amalfi invotini)
  • ...(Read more)

Balsamic roasted new potatoes with asparagus

A flavourful side dish featuring seasonal asparagus and new potatoes. Salty potatoes paired with the subtle sweetness from the...(Read more)



Creamy pea soup

A simple but flavourful soup that can be ready in minutes! Perfect for a light starter.(Read more)

Giant tortilla chips with rainbow dips

The perfect appetizer for a World Vegan Month celebration!


For the chips:
...(Read more)

Koshari with masala spiced chickpeas and turmeric roasted cauliflower

A warming dish, perfect for sharing with friends. Serves 6.


Rice – can...(Read more)

Banana bread donuts

An indulgent treat courtesy of Harriet Emily. Makes 9 donuts.


For the...(Read more)

Lemon possets with shortbread

Ultra creamy lemon puddings with sweet, crumbly shortbread cookies - perfect for dipping! (Read more)

Panna cotta



This is the traditional cake served to first footers at Hogmanay, who came to wish a Happy New Year...(Read more)

Bonnie Prince pudding

From "Rainbows and Wellies" The Taigh Na Mara Cookbook.


Broccoli with toasted almonds

A great way to jazz up your greens.


Chestnut and mushroom pie

Forget the traditional steak pie, this gorgeous chestnut and mushroom pie is ideal for your New Year's Day dinner....(Read more)

Christmas baked red cabbage and apple

Whatever the main event on your vegan Christmas table, this deliciously sweet side may just steal the show....(Read more)

Christmas boozy fruit cake

This rich and delicious cake will fool you into thinking it's completely sinful but it actually contains no added...(Read more)

Christmas brandy 'butter'

This is one to avoid if you're the designated driver! For everyone else there couldn't be a better way...(Read more)

Chocolate mousse

Not one for the kids (or the designated driver!) this boozy chocolate orange mousse is sure to hit the...(Read more)

Coconut mousse

This isn't one of our easier recipes but it's certainly worth the effort. The refreshing tang of the lemon...(Read more)

Creamy asparagus soup with curly toast

A deliciously decadent start to any special occasion meal.


Festive feast

This is a great centrepiece to your special occasion table whether for Christmas day, New Year's day or just...(Read more)

Fruit jelly

A wonderfully light dessert, perfect if you've overindulged on the main course!


Ginger snap basket dessert

These are brilliant if you're entertaining because the baskets can be made in advance, giving you more time to...(Read more)


The perfect accompaniment to your nut roast. Also great with mashed potatoes, mock turkey, pie....the possibilities are endless....(Read more)


Serve with neeps and tatties and celebrate Burns' night in style. Don't forget a wee dram too...

...(Read more)

Hector's haggis boats

For something a little more exotic than the traditional haggis, neeps and tatties combo, try these courgette sailing ships...(Read more)


You won’t feel the need to restrict these to just pancake day – these are great all year round!...(Read more)

Pears in white wine and chocolate sauce

We'd better not pretend that this is a healthy dessert option just because it features fruit - I'm sure...(Read more)

Pine nut and fresh herb stuffed aubergine with tomato garlic sauce

This dish is a real crowd pleaser, perfect if you're entertaining. Serves 6.


Roast garlic dressing

This is perfect drizzled over salad leaves or just used as a dip for some cut veggies.

...(Read more)

Sage and onion stuffing

A Christmas classic - vegan style.


Special roast potatoes

No celebration dinner would be complete without the roasties. Serves 4-6.


Taigh na Mara highland shortbread

Perfect for Hogmanay, Burns' Night, St Andrew's day...in fact it might be time to invent a few more excuses...(Read more)

Tofu croquettes and cranberry sauce

If you're not already a tofu fan, this recipe could well change your mind. You won't want to save...(Read more)

Tomato garlic sauce

Stir this sauce through some cooked pasta for an easy mid-week supper. Or, if you're having a party, try...(Read more)

Wild mushroom and creamy spinach filo tartlet

This is exactly what every host or hostess needs: a real showstopper that tastes as good as it looks...(Read more)

Vegan BBQ meatloaf

BBQ 'Meat' Loaf

Serves 6, cooks in 90 mins, difficulty 5/10.(Read more)

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